Giving small and medium-sized business owners cost-effective access to top-rate digital marketing services without the overhead of hiring an agency.
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What do you need us to do?

INK Digital is a collection of problem solvers. What are your challenges?

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Website Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Campaigns

Graphic Design

Lead Generation

Funnel Analysis

Audience ID and Messaging

Persona Development

Competitive Analysis


The INK Digital Approach

What We Do

INK Digital Lab helps small and medium-sized businesses use the internet and digital communications tools to grow their organizations and reach new audiences.

We will work with your organization to build a website, expand your email list, drive users from social media to your products and ensure all the parts of your marketing strategy are working together. 

How We Work With You

INK Digital Lab is not agency.

It is truly a lab, where unique problems get unique solutions. That problem-solving is led by Jefferson Stovall, a technologist with more than a dozen years of experience in building websites, creating digital marketing plans and serving clients.

Here's how we work: 

  • You engage with Jefferson, who has deep experience in internet marketing, digital project management and client service to determine a game plan for accomplishing business goals.
  • Jefferson leverages his world-wide network of digital media specialist freelancers to plug in, as appropriate, to your project.
  • You get to decide if you want to work with Jefferson's team on an on-going basis to execute your plan, or if your business has the internal capacity to take on execution.

Jefferson loves to find new problems to solve. He will work with you to assess your specific needs, outline a strategy for using the internet to accomplish your business goals, and put the right people in place to execute.

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Why This Approach?

Why isn't INK an agency? We don't use the agency model.

Agencies and advertising firms hire staff with specific skill sets to build specialties. Firms grow by offering additional specialities, but that growth requires more people, increasing salaries and overhead. Reasonably, the bigger those firms get, the greater their focus on the highest-margin clients.

Smaller clients frequently receive excellent service, but do not get the benefits of the best and brightest problem solvers at these firms. Solutions tend to be well-executed, but cookie-cutter, and highly standardized.

INK's model deliberately avoids those costs, giving small business owners and organizations access to unique, focused solutions using an on-demand mix of expertise, tools and people that support your business--not an agency's overhead.

INK Digital Lab drives value for your business by combining efficient processes that build a digital foundation for your business while giving you access to marketing subject matter experts with deep experience in executing campaigns.

INK Digital Is New, but It's Not Our First Rodeo

Jefferson has 13 years of developing digital communications strategies in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries, and has worked as both an in-house and agency consultant. That experience that ranges from building organizational websites from scratch to designing and implementing email marketing campaigns to execution of paid social media efforts. Jefferson's background as a digital strategist has touched on almost all communications tactics in the field.


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